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Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance is required to ensure the safety and reliability of the equipment. The elevator and escalator system needs to be serviced at least once a month to prolong the lifespan of the moving parts where lubrication and greasing are required.

As a building owner or property manager, it is a must to appoint a contractor to service the elevator and escalator system so that it complies with the safety and code requirement and keeps the passengers safe.

For the equipment to be safe and reliable, regular scheduled preventive maintenance visits, performed by skilled and qualified technicians, are necessary.


Regular Inspection
Every elevator and escalator with a PMA number must be inspected by JKKP inspectors every fifteen (15) months in order to renew the lift fitness certificate.

As the leading Elevator Specialist in Malaysia, it is our duty to perform all the work required for a JKKP inspection. Our team will schedule a visit by a JKKP inspector and advise the owner or the management regarding the necessary preparation before the inspection takes place.
The second required inspection under the Factories and Machinery Act 1967 is to check the lift safety features every three (3) months.


Although all elevators and escalators are checked and serviced every month, wear and tear can still lead to part failure.

When a part or component of an elevator or escalator requires repair or replacement, our expert team will diagnose the system failure and immediately perform the necessary repairs without delay.

Our highly trained and skilful technicians will be dispatched and attend to your call at the shortest time possible.


Modernization of old elevator control systems enables energy saving and the reduction of passenger waiting time providing a faster and smoother ride.

Our expert team will improve the aesthetic value and safety of old elevator control systems and incorporate vandal-resistant features by replacing the old plastic made car and hall calling buttons that are easily broken and prone to vandalism.

Modernization is the best solution when the equipment has reached an age where the system frequently breaks down or when the original replacement parts are no longer available.


Potensi provides vertical transportation design, evaluation and consulting services for clients who own or manage buildings and facilities involving elevators/lifts, escalators, moving walkways, etc.

Potensi will evaluate your current system and provide solutions that are effective and capable of optimizing the value of the present elevator system. In addition, we will also provide the building owner with the latest and most-proven technologies and techniques.

Our expert team provides system design and evaluation offering solutions for high rise and complex systems including modernization and redesign.


New Installation

The elevator industry continues to boom across the country and the world as most public and many small commercial buildings are installing them to better accommodate their customers.

Our firm hoped to have the opportunity to continuously install and commission new equipment for any new building to prove the quality and reliability of our equipment and fine workmanship.

We are eager to take on any project using our engineering, electrical, and business skills that we had been practising since our establishment in 2001.

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Preventive Maintenance

The maintenance programs we offer are as follows:

Servicing Programs

Services To Be Perform Every Month:

Servicing Programs

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Servicing Programs

Services To Be Performed Every Three Months:

Servicing Programs

Services To Be Performed Every Six Months:

Servicing Programs

Services To Be Performed Every Year:


We have the expertise to provide the following elevator system solutions: