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What is EBOPS?

Emergency Battery Operated Power Supply (EBOPS) is designed as an accessory for elevator system. It provides backup power supply for alarm bell, lighting & ventilation whenever there is a case failure of normal power supply.

Upon power failure, EBOPS will generate a sinusoidal wave AC power supply from DC backup batteries to keep the lighting and ventilation fans for elevator car on working condition. When the main supply resumed, the batteries will be recharged immediately from the changeover back to normal supply.

The purpose of the installation of EBOPS was to keep the passenger inside the lift comfortable and safe just in case of mantrap.

EBOPS was an enclosed steel cabinet consists of ampere meter, voltage meter, printed circuit board, LED indicators, rectifier and inverter with a separate battery compartment. The unit will be installed at the lift machine room.

Our EBOPS Features

  • Fulfilled and complied to European Union Directives & Singapore Standard SS209.
  • A complete range of EBOPS series applicable to different type of requirements.
  • Advanced Power-Electronic technology with modular and simple design concept for most efficient maintenance and services.
  • Most compact, unique and reliable product with quality.
  • Revolutionary performance for all passenger and cargo elevators.

JKKP Enforcement

Jabatan Keselamatan & Kesihatan Pekerjaan (Department of Safety & Health) Malaysia had enforced the installation of EBOPS on 10th June 2011 for all existing elevators as well as new installation.

With this enforcement, the department hoped that:

  1. The trapped passenger will not force opened the door that could lead to accident.
  2. The alarm bell which meant to alert for external rescue is functioning always.
  3. Lighting and ventilation are working during power failure to ensure visibility and least suffocative   environment.
  4. Improve the safety of women and children who are using elevators.


EBOPS unit needs to be serviced and maintained every six (6) months to ensure its functionality.

The scopes of maintenance are as below:

a) Check the battery current and voltage.

b) Check the rectifier and inverter units.

c) Check the battery terminal, mounting and wiring for looseness and condition.

d) Check battery water level if required top up.

e) Tripping of main supply for activation of EBOPS.

f) Test the change back to charging mode upon restoration of power supply.

g) Check the condition of ammeter, voltmeter and other display LEDs are in order.

h) Housekeeping

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