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(1) The owner of every lift shall ensure that such lift is maintained. 

(2) For the purpose of complying with paragraph (1) of this regulation such owner shall enter into an agreement with an approved firm for the periodic examination and maintenance of such lift. For the purposes of this regulation, an approved firm means a firm which has satisfied the Chief Inspector that it employs persons suitably qualified and trained (hereinafter referred to as the competent person) and controls equipment and facilities to ensure a proper standard of lift examination, service and maintenance: 

Provided that such agreement shall not relieve the owner from the responsibility of maintaining the lift well enclosure where such enclosure forms an integral part of the building in which the lift is installed.

(3) It shall be the duty of an owner to inform an Inspector of :

  • the date of commencement of such agreement; and 
  • the name and postal address of the approved firm; and 
  • the date of expiry of such agreement. 

(4) Such agreement shall be for a period of not less than one year, and shall state the name of the competent person employed by the approved firm who is to make such periodic examination and be responsible for such maintenance.

(5) Such person shall thoroughly examine the lift at least once in every three months and cause the lift to be serviced and adjusted once in every month.

(6) A register in respect of every lift in the form shown in the Second Schedule to these regulations shall be kept on the premises in which the lift is installed wherein shall be recorded –

  • details of every examination, servicing and adjustment referred to in paragraph (5) of this regulation;
  • details of any repair to the lift considered necessary by the competent person and subsequently the date when such repair has been effected;
  • details of the breakage of any suspension rope, the failure of any part of the lift machine, over-speeding of the car whether or not safety gear functioned and any other occurrence resulting in the lift being immobilised; and
  • such other information as the Chief Inspector may from time to time direct.

(7) Such entries as are referred to in paragraph (6) of this regulation shall be made by the competent person within one week after the event to which it relates.

(8) Such register as is referred to in paragraph (6) of this regulation shall be produced for the Inspector’s examination at every regular inspection of the lift and as and when requested by the Inspector.

(9) On receipt of advice from the approved firm that repairs to the lift are necessary the owner shall forthwith arrange to have such repairs effected, or if in doubt as to the necessity therefor refer the matter to an Inspector. For the purpose of this regulation, any recommended repair recorded in the register in accordance with sub-paragraph (b) of paragraph (6) of this regulation shall be deemed to constitute receipt of advice.

(10) If after receipt of such advice as aforesaid the owner neither causes the repairs to be effected nor refers the matter to the Inspector within a period of one week the approved firm shall forthwith inform the Inspector of the facts of the case.

(11) It shall be the duty of the owner of every lift to ensure that, in respect of such lift –

  • the lift well and pit is maintained in a dry and clear condition, and no rubbish allowed to accumulate therein, nor any part used for storage;
  • no material not forming part of the lift equipment is placed on the top of the lift car;
  • the lift is not operated at a load greater than the contract load as specified in the certificate of registration and the car plate fitted in accordance with paragraph (4) of regulation 7;
  • in the case of any lift other than an automatic control lift, it is not operated unless in the charge of a car attendant who shall be not less than eighteen years of age; and
  • no wire or current carrying device is substituted for the proper fuse or circuit-breaker in any lift control circuit.

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